Web Marketing, Work Place near BTS Nana


ประเภทธุรกิจ Recruitment IT Position
ตําแหน่ง Web Marketing
เงินเดือน 25,000-40,000
สถานที่ทํางาน Nana (Sukhumvit 13) - BKK


We are looking for a qualified Digital media specialist to join our team.
You will lead our marketing efforts using new media and digital tools.
If you know how to creatively handle various online marketing tools, like websites, podcasts and blogs, this position is for you.
You will work with different teams to coordinate our marketing, advertising and promotional activities.
Ultimately, you should be able to promote our company and increase client engagement.
The main current project is to attract Thai IT developers that may be interested in working in Japan.
But we have several other projects in our pipeline.
Responsibilities Design digital media campaigns aligned with business goals Coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g. website, blogs, press releases and social media) Manage end-to-end digital projects Establish our web presence to boost brand awareness Maintain a strong online company voice through social media Collaborate with the Sales team to ensure that the common goals are reached Suggest and implement marketing strategies to increase profitability Monitor ROI and KPIs Stay up-to-date with digital media developments Requirements Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and Thai.
Proven work experience with Digital marketing using Google Adwords, Analytics, Facebook ads etc.
Solid knowledge of Photoshop or other media editing software Familiarity with web design and content management systems (WordPress, Drupal etc.) Excellent analytical and project management skills BSc degree in Marketing, Digital media or relevant field Desirable Japanese language knowlegde or previous experience working in Japanese companies Additional qualification in web design or video edition is a plus Experience using CRM or ATS systems as user or administrator

คุณสมบัติ เพศชาย เพศหญิง

อายุ 26-35

ภาษา Thai

Type of business: Recruitment IT Position.
Japanese company: Yes
Work place: Nana(Sukhumvit 13) – Bangkok
Working hours: 09.00 a.m. – 18.00 p.m. >> Monday – Friday. <<

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More information please contact Khun Som
Tel: 085-2357000
Email: daranee@pcmt.in.th

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