Safety Officer (Professional Level)

ประเภทธุรกิจ Logistic/Warehouse
ตําแหน่ง Safety Officer (Professional Level)
เงินเดือน 20,000-35,000
สถานที่ทํางาน Bangkok


คุณสมบัติ เพศชาย เพศหญิง

อายุ 25-35

ภาษา English Intermediate Level

Job description
– Registered as Professional Safety officer with the Department of Labor.
– Works to identify and establish Safety & Health work processes, including Behavior Based Safety programs, for the site that drive
benchmark performance.
– Implements detailed Safety & Health programs, required location specific standards and operating discipline procedures. With guidance
from the Site Leader, ensures all site Safety and Health needs are covered in the program.
– Drives change to improve the best knowledge and experiences of employees.
– Ensures that the safety & health aspects of Operating Discipline are adequate and applied to achieve performance goals. In most cases,
would perform the role of Section owner for the Safety & Health sections of Operating Discipline.
– Acts as the site resource for related Safety & Health information on procedures, guidelines, MOC’s and standards.
– Coaches teams and individuals on Safety & Health related tasks and activities.
– Develops and reports site Safety & Health goals.
– Develop safety and health report and combine environmental aspects according to laws and regulations
– Performs / coordinates the Safety & Health monitoring, data collection, analyzing, and reporting for the site.
– As required, participates in the Safety & Health related reviews and projects.
– Coordinates and conducts audits in the Safety & Health related areas.
– Conducts and documents investigations of incidents and ensures follow up actions to prevent re-occurrences that are addressed.
– Work with Environmental engineer to liaise with adjacent communities for plant activities that may impact to community environmental,
occupational health and safety.

– Have Professional Safety License
– At least 5 years experience working as Safety and Health
– Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety with Professional Safety License.
– Ability to communicate professionally in written and verbal formats in both English and Thai.
– Knowledge of all applicable government regulations for the Safety & Health area.
– Knowledge of behavior based safety processes.
– Ability to work in a team environment.
– Knowledge of training methods.
– Knowledge of operating discipline.
– Ability to apply facilitation skills/tools to situations.
– Trained and proven capability to lead and facilitate Root Cause Investigations (or equivalent).

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