Material Development and Evaluation Laboratory Manager

ประเภทธุรกิจ Manufactoring - Automotive Parts
ตําแหน่ง Material Development and Evaluation Laboratory Manager
เงินเดือน 40,000-70,000
สถานที่ทํางาน Rayong


คุณสมบัติ เพศชาย เพศหญิง

อายุ 30-45

ภาษา English

Job description
– Coordinate the MSA products validation plan, test and reports.
– Material and process validation of material suppliers for MSA including definition of necessary tests.
– Conducting test in internal and external laboratories. (including global Mubea locations)
– Evaluations of test results and preparation of test reports including judgement and recommendation for improvement.
– Support R&D and Quality dept. to get material supplier approval from Customers.
– Material management and ordering (e.g. raw material, utilities, tooling and measurement equipment).
– Planning of regular maintenance and repair laboratories equipment as well as necessary calibrations acc. to customer and internal requirements.
– Investigate test capabilities and facility utilization on regular base and schedule necessary investments in order to maintain sufficient amount of test capacity to meet test demand.
– Implementation of Mubea Standard systems : AFAUTC + STAUTEC for test orders and test result reporting.
– Planning and execution of team meetings.
– Preparation, support and execution of audits and other events e.g. customer/suppliers visits, colloquiums, tech-days.
– Creation and maintaining of necessary documentation e.g. work instructions acc. to customer and internal requirements.
– Organizes regular staff training and personal development of laboratories employees.
– Conduct continues improvement investigations e.g. regarding sample parts investigation process, workflow arrangement, organization.
– Actively support Operation team for VAVE and ECR activities

– Bachelor Degree / Master Degree Major: Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Engineering/Metallurgical Engineer
– Experience in Production management and Coil spring process
– Experience more than 5 years
– Fluent in English
– Strong / Expert in use of standard engineering software (CAD, FEA)
– Can use Microsoft office (Excel, Word, power point, etc.) and e-mail systems
– Others(Please specify) IATF + FMEA

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