Urgently !! — Tax & Accounting Senior Manager


ประเภทธุรกิจ Japanese General Trading
ตําแหน่ง Tax & Accounting Senior Manager
เงินเดือน 40000-80000
สถานที่ทํางาน Bangkok- Ploenjit


Job duties/responsibilities 1. To ensure that accounting records are well prepared and maintained in according with the company‘s accounting policies and related accounting principles. 2. To prepare monthly and annual closing account and financial statement in order to provide the accurate closing report on timely manner. 3. To make tax planning. 4. To ensure calculations of all types of tax submission to the Thai Revenue Department 5. To coordinate with company auditors and other government. 6. To take care expatriate personal income tax. 7. To suggest Business Unit (BU) to do their transaction by complying with the revenue code and tax 8. To support BU to create and/or go ahead with their new business. 9. To manage and supervise the department and to develop human resources or its support 10.To maintain and strengthen the group governance including our subsidiary companies

คุณสมบัติ เพศชาย เพศหญิง

อายุ 40-45

ภาษา Fluent in English

Tax & Accounting Senior Manager
Required specification(MUST)
1. Thai national Male or Female whose age is around 40-45 years old.
2. Bachelor Degree or higher in Accounting
3. Knowledge for consolidation accounting and familiar with IFRS
4. Ability to interpret financial statement and work with tax auditors
5. Able to be Accountant (According to Thai law) for three companies.
6. Solid experience of both accounting and taxation
7. Experience in SAP System
8. Fluent communication in English to talk/discuss with our group colleagues in other regions
9. Be flexible and good communication with our management and the other colleagues
10.Experience and passion to improve the operation and/or create new value by informing “vision” to team members, involving them and influencing them (WANT)
11.At least 5 years experiences as a supervisor/manager in Japanese company, or experiences as an accounts auditor for Japanese companies

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