Why Do Company Use Recruitment Agency?


Why do companies use recruitment agency?

Recruitment agency or staffing company act as intermediaries between job seekers and companies looking to hire employees. Job seekers deposit their resumes with the recruitment agency, undergo preliminary interviews to screen applicants and assess their skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

6 Advantages of using recruitment service:

1.Helps in screening candidates who meet the company’s requirements, saving time in the recruitment process and allowing HR to focus on other tasks. Therefore, many companies choose to use recruitment agencies to save time in screening applicants.

2.No initial fees or charges. Generally, recruitment agencies do not charge any fees or costs until the job candidate is hired or a job offer is accepted. This lack of initial fees/costs allows clients to choose from a wide variety of recruitment agencies, which is considered an advantage.

3.Can source temporary or contract workers beyond permanent employees. Nowadays, many companies are looking for temporary or contract workers to help with specific tasks or for short-term periods. Therefore, using a recruitment agency can meet this demand effectively.

4.Helps in finding difficult or niche positions. Recruitment agencies can access a larger pool of job seekers, allowing them to help find candidates for difficult or niche positions. Recruitment agencies have a vast database and profiles of applicants readily available, enabling them to quickly access the information needed.

5.Can handle confidential or undisclosed job positions. Advertising for positions that are confidential or not intended for public disclosure can be challenging. Therefore, using a recruitment agency is a good option to attract candidates without revealing sensitive information.

6.Provides advice on the job market. Apart from helping to find employees, recruitment agencies can offer advice and guidance to companies, such as industry salary rates, benefits, or appropriate wage rates when the company lacks such information.

In Thailand, there is an increasing number of Japanese and foreign companies investing. Sometimes HR has to handle multiple tasks, or there is an urgent need for manpower. Therefore, if you are looking for assistance in recruiting staff and employees, don’t forget to consider using a recruitment agency.

When looking for a recruitment agency, don’t forget to consider Personnel Consultant. We can help you find employees, screen applicants, and match candidates with your requirements more efficiently, quickly, and conveniently. 


Personnel Consultant , Japanese recruitment agency company in Bangkok. Recruitment services has been in the business of recruiting Thai and Japanese talent for about 30 years.

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