Leveraging extensive
experience to support
recruitment and
successful expansion
into Thailand

Our motto "Smile Always "
aims us to do our jobs
in a way that brings smiles
to the faces of everyone
we interact.

Our company was established in 1994. We have been operating longest among Japanese-affiliated recruitment agencies in Thailand, specializing in job placement for Japanese and Thai candidates. We have built long-standing relationships with many clients and have been assisting recruiting with a focus on the future of both the client companies and the job seekers.

Our recruitment services

Consultants with a deep understanding
of business issues and talent needs
in Thailand will support the recruitment
of highly skilled personnel.

We strive to always introduce individuals to suitable positions, ensuring that the job isn't just for the moment of recruitment, but also for the continued prosperity of the company even after the person in charge of hiring returns his/her home country. Our goal is to facilitate introductions where both the company and the employee can work comfortably and effectively, contributing to mutual success.

  • Facilitating introductions where the employees can work comfortably and effectively

    We focus on finding excellent talent to support the growth and success of our client. We assist in creating an environment where employees can work comfortably and can maximize their abilities.

  • Supporting companies entering the market to start operations promptly

    Team of experts who are familiar with the Thai business environment will provide comprehensive services to ensure that companies entering the Thai market can swiftly and smoothly commence their operations.

  • Creating an environment where the introduced individuals can work happily

    We provide various support to ensure that the employed personnel can enhance their motivation, bring out their talents, and maximize the organization's strength along with the company's growth

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