Seminar for Thai people

March 2024 – April 2024 「Thai employee」「Thai manager」 Seminar for improving business skill

Office23 Seminar room (Jasmin building)
Half-day seminar 3,000 baht/person (excluding VAT 7%). "Hou・Ren・Sou" "Hou・Ren・Sou management" "Business manner and basic behavior at work" All-day seminar 5,000 baht + VAT [`"Theme Thinking", "Time Management", "Problem Solving", "Basic Management", "Guidance to Juniors", "Strengthening Leadership"]

At Personnel Consultant, we jointly host monthly seminars with VALUE INNOVATION for Thai and Japanese people working in Japanese companies in Thailand.

Thailand and Japan have different manners and customs, as well as working styles.
A slight discrepancy often becomes a big problem, so mutual understanding between Thai and Japanese people is necessary. Therefore, we will teach Thai employees important business manners and management skills when working at a Japanese company.

Rather than relying on one-sided lectures from the instructor, we value “listening, thinking, talking, and noticing” as we proceed through the seminar, taking time to reflect on our own actions.



Management basics

What is “management” ? What is the “role of management”? After clarifying the definition of the term, we will specifically tell you what a manager should do and what to keep in mind.

6th March, 23rd April  Management for Thai manager (Language: Thai)



Hou・Ren・Sou Management

We will convey the points specifically about how you should manage your subordinates to ensure that they are doing “Hou・Ren・Sou”

15th March, 29th April 2024  Hou・Ren・Sou management for Thai manager (Language: Thai)
《Online》8th May   Hou・Ren・Sou management for Thai manager



Business manner  basic behavior at work

We will lecturing about the business manner and basic behavior required at Japanese companies such as “Being punctual”, “Greeting and replying”, “Handling telephone calls” as well as how to be prepared in the workplace.

7th March 2024, 24th April   Business manner for Thai staff. (Language: Thai)



Theme thinking

We will guide you to thin about the reason why you are doing the task given to you and guide you for you to think independently about the best method.

13th March, 4th April 2024   The way to approach work for Thai staff. (Language: Thai)



Time management

We will check the purpose of work approach and use the time efficiently in order to improve working result.

21th March, 4th April 2024   Time management for Thai staff. (Language: Thai)



Problem solving

To prevent the same problem from reoccurring, not only having a temporary solution but also learn problem solving methods  hey can take action on the root cause to prevent it from happening again. Perform various works.

19th March, 10th April 2024   Problem solving for Thai staff/ Thai manager. (Language : Thai)



Guiding junior

Recognize why you are in charge of instructing your juniors, and tell them that by teaching and taking care of your juniors while hoping for their growth, your seniors will also grow.

22th March 2024   Guiding junior for Thai staff. (Language: Thai)



Enhance Leadership

You will learn the skills to objectively understand and reconsider how your own words and actions are affecting other members, and to guide your members to take spontaneous actions toward the desired state of the workplace.

26th March, 11th April 2024   Enhancing leadership for Thai manager. (Language: Thai)


【Application/ Inquiry】
Personnel Consultant: Seminar representative
✉:  seminar@personnelconsultant.co.th

Materials in Thai are also available. Please feel free to contact us ☺

**If you would like to participate in an online seminar, please apply at least one week before the seminar as materials will need to be sent by mail.

★You can also check the details from VALUE company HP★


— Please be careful —

・If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour may be canceled.

・Capacity is 16 people each.

・This seminar is aimed at Thai nationals working in Japanese companies in Thailand. Please note that we do not accept applications from individuals.


For inquiry

Inquiry by phone(Japanese)

Reception hours
Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Inquiry via web(24 hours)

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