Translation and interpretation services

Support the smooth facilitation of communication in Thailand.

Features of the interpretation services

Interpreters are classified based on practical tests
conducted to check their skills.

  • From the time of receiving your inquiry until the completion of the task, a dedicated interpretation coordinator will support you. We accept all emails and phone calls in Japanese, so there is no need to worry about language barriers.

  • Considering the abilities and aptitudes of each interpreter, the interpretation coordinator will assign the interpreter best suited to the client's needs. Quality is our first priority in coordination.

  • We have a large number of interpreters, from young to experienced veteran, in a wide range of fields and languages. We make sure to assign the appropriate personnel based on the nature and level of the task.

  • To improve quality, we strive every day to make operational improvements and enhance service quality based on feedback from customers after interpreting assignments, aiming to provide services that are truly beneficial to customers.

  • We can respond to a wide range of requests, from shopping accompaniment to simultaneous interpretation at international business events.

Other dispatch services

  • We provide a service where “the required number of personnel” is dispatched for “the required duration”, precisely “when needed”, to meet all of our customers' needs.
  • It can be used flexibly for short-term dispatches from half a day to long-term dispatches, or for shorter working hours or only three days a week, according to the off and peak season of business.
  • We can respond to requests from clients in various industries, since we can utilize human resources from a wide variety of registrants.
  • It is possible to dispatch even if you apply at the last minute (until the day before). We can respond flexibly to sudden schedule changes.
  • When you need to hire a person urgently, or need manpower only for a certain period, please entrust us to assist you.

Features of the translation services

The translators and coordinators have a high level of professionalism
and do not compromise on their work.

  • We can consistently provide high-quality translation services as we have a large number of talented individuals registered,

  • The translation coordinators are responsible for coordinating the entire translation process. They serve as the customer's point of contact and propose the most suitable service based on the various requirements such as the purpose of the texts, deadlines, and budget. They also works closely with the other staff members to ensure the completion and delivery of the translation.

  • Our idea of high quality is to provide our customers with maximum satisfaction at the minimum cost.

  • We provide high quality translations at reasonable prices.

  • There are more than 200 registered translators. We have experienced people who specialize in various fields and can handle high-level projects.

  • We can assign the most suitable translator for the client's request based on their expertise, which is databased.

  • As we are entrusted with customer's important documents, we will ensure that confidentiality is maintained and they are not accessible to anyone other than the authorized personnel.

Scope of translation and interpretation

[Translation] Japanese⇔Thai / Japanese⇔English / Thai⇔English

  • Certified copy of company registration and articles of incorporation
  • Company regulations and employment regulations
  • Company brochures and websites
  • Various contracts
  • Quality/production/safety management manuals
  • Equipment periodic inspection lists and product specifications
  • Newspaper/magazine articles and blogs
  • Police interrogation report
  • In-house questionnaires, etc.

[Interpretation] Japanese⇔Thai / Japanese⇔English / Thai⇔English

  • Technical guidance in the manufacturing industry
  • IT system and factory equipment installation
  • Government agencies and court-related matters
  • Various exhibitions and fairs
  • Business negotiations and contract signings
  • Recruitment interviews / employee interviews
  • General meeting of shareholders and board of directors meeting
  • Greetings and speeches at parties

[Temporary staffing]

  • Event and exhibition staff
  • Sales staff at fairs
  • Questionnaire surveyor
  • Appointment taker by phone
  • Data entry operator

and others

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