Seminar services for business in Thailand

We offer a variety of seminars that are useful for Japanese and Thai personneal working for Japanese-affiliated companies in Thailand.

Features of Personnel Consultant's
seminar services for business

In Bangkok, we provide pre-assignment training and afer-arrival training for Japanese employees deployed to work in Thailand, employee education on business manners, ho-ren-so (communications: report/inform/consult), management, as well as seminars on business-related topics such as accounting and market trends in Thailand for Japanese and Thai employees working in Japanese-affiliated companies in Thailand.

Contents of the training courses

For Thai nationals

Training for Thai staff working in Japanese-affiliated companies

Business manners, ho-ren-so (communications: report/inform/consult), time management and others

Training for Thai managers working in Japanese-affiliated companies

Ho-ren-so management, basic management, leadership enhancement, problem solving, and others

For Japanese nationals

Business knowledge needed to know when working in Thailand.

Thai business culture, Thai listed companies, and Thai accounting/taxation systems

Improvement of management skills

Skills for thoroughly enforcing subordinates to do ho-ren-so, basic management skills, and others

Contents of the seminars

For Thai nationals

  • Ho-ren-so (communications: report/inform/consult)
  • Business manners and basic work behavior
  • Theme thinking
  • Time management
  • Basic management,
  • Ho-ren-so (communications: report/inform/consult) management
  • Leadership enhancement
  • Mentoring of junior staff
  • Problem-solving

For Japanese

  • Basic knowledge of taxation in Thailand (1) Practical introduction
  • Basic knowledge of taxation in Thailand (2) Intermediate practice
  • Beginner's-accounting seminar for managers
  • Thai tax system seminar - Personal income tax
  • Implement immediately! "Understanding Thai business culture"
  • Introduction to “Listed companies and conglomerates in Thailand”
  • Ho-ren-so (communications: report/inform/consult) management
  • Basic management,
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