Reasons for Thai Job Applicants Rejecting Job Offers


Many organizations may have encountered the same problem: opening job vacancies, interviewing candidates, but ultimately not hiring anyone because they were rejected in the final stages. Nowadays, it’s not just the organizations that are the selectors, but job applicants themselves also have choices. So, where do organizations fall short? Today, we have a report from JobsDB, which surveyed both job seekers in Thailand and globally, about the reasons for rejecting job offers.


From the report, it was found that the Top three reasons why job applicants in Thailand reject job offers are:

  1. Financial compensation (salary, bonus)
  2. Work-life balance.
  3. Flexibility of the workplace and working hours.



When compared to job applicants in Southeast Asia and globally, it was found that they also consider financial compensation and work-life balance as their top priorities, ranking them at number 1 and 2, respectively. However, there was a slight difference in the third-ranked factor, where both of these groups considered the number of days off.


Other reasons why job applicants reject job offers include:

– Number of vacation days

– Job stability

– Insurance and retirement benefits

– Interesting job content

– Opportunities for learning and career advancement

– Relationship with the supervisor

– Good working environment


However, considering this report, it can be seen that job applicants are not very interested in the organization’s values ​​or a good working environment to consider accepting a job offer. This could be because interviews are only conducted once or twice, or if they are conducted online, it may not be clear enough about the organization’s values ​​and working environment.


Therefore, the following are tasks for organizations and HR departments to consider or manage how to attract talented individuals to work in the organization in the future.

Ref. JobsDB by Seek


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