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Explore the TOP 5 companies that young Thais want to work and the reason why?


According to the Top 50 Companies in Thailand 2024 Awards by WorkVenture, Google continues to maintain its top position as the most desirable company to work for among Thais for the sixth consecutive year. Let’s explore which companies are in the Top 5 and what makes it so attractive to young people in Thailand.

No. 1 l Google 

Google has consistently been the top choice for young Thais seeking employment for six consecutive years. In addition to the pride of contributing to the development of products that bring joy and improve lives globally, Google offers extensive and distinctive benefits.

  • These include transportation services.
  • Comprehensive work and meeting facilities.
  • Free high-quality meals.
  • The 20 Percent Time policy for employees to work on passion projects.
  • On-site medical and hairdressing services, as well as rest areas and high-tech workstations.

Apart from the benefits, another interesting aspect for those who want to upskill is that Google has a reputation for attracting top talent from around the world to come together to create something monumental! When surrounded by talented colleagues, your abilities are sure to develop by leaps and bounds.

No.2 l PTT (Petroleum Authority of Thailand)

PTT, a well-established organization with a 40-year history in Thailand, stands out not just for its reputation but also for several key attributes:

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Substantial investment in employee development
  • Human resource development strategies tailored to fit the majority of Gen Y and Gen Z employees
  • S-P-R-I-R-I-T values as the core organizational principles, fostering a culture of collaboration, openness to diverse opinions, and resolving conflicts effectively
  • Promotion of diversity and equality, focusing on abilities as the primary criteria
  • Opportunities for employees to switch roles within the company for personal growth and alignment with their career aspirations

With a culture that prioritizes teamwork, continuous development, and ample growth opportunities, it’s evident why young Thais consider PTT the most desirable company to work for.

No.3 l SCG (Siam Cement Group)

This year, SCG continues to maintain its popularity among young Thais because not only it has a growing and diverse business, but it’s also renowned for having the “most appealing benefits for young people”. Especially noteworthy are its unique benefits such as:

  • Flexible Benefits, Employees can allocate their benefits budget according to their own preferences. For example, Gen Z employees who are passionate about traveling can allocate part of their budget from health-related benefits to travel-related benefits.
  • Health Care & Health Club, Employees can use company-provided facilities, including premium fitness centers, badminton courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, simulated golf courses, and various exercise classes even after work. These include yoga, HIIT, boxing, among others.
  • Personal Development ,Every employee is entitled to more than 155 hours per year to further develop themselves.
  • Scholarships ,Employees are provided with scholarships to take courses at the top 10 universities worldwide every year.

In addition to these benefits, SCG also provides external funding, which accounts for less than 10% of SCG’s total benefits. It’s no wonder why SCG has never fallen out of the top choice for companies where young people want to work the most.

No.4 l Agoda

A globally renowned organization and owner of a comprehensive travel booking platform, Agoda has climbed to the 4th position this year and remains a consistent favorite among office workers.

  • Salaries and benefits are on par with working abroad, given that you’re skilled!
  • New graduates are given opportunities to work on major projects, accumulating valuable experience at the start of their careers. They learn from talented colleagues from over 90 different countries.
  • The largest office is located in the heart of Bangkok.
  • Work flexibility is paramount, allowing employees to work from home three days a week, anywhere they want, totaling 30 days per year.
  • Up to 15 days of starting annual leave.
  • Numerous discounts are available when staying at partner hotels.

In short, there is no wonder why young travel enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss out on such attractive perks and benefits.

No.5 l Unilever

Unilever is well-known as a manufacturer of everyday essentials for over 90 years. Besides its stable and sustainable business, it is also widely recognized among workers as a place that aims to retain employees for a long time. This is achieved through a work culture that supports employees in every aspect:

  • Blended working arrangements: Employees are only required to work in the office for 2 days a week, allowing them to work remotely for the rest of the week.
  • No meetings on Fridays: This allows employees to clear their workload before the weekend.
  • Relaxation spaces: There are areas designated for relaxation, including cafes and exercise rooms, where employees can unwind at any time.
  • Support for language learning: Unilever supports employees in learning second, third, or even fourth languages based on their interests.
  • Global work opportunities: Employees have the opportunity to work for Unilever globally, both short-term and long-term.

Unilever is a global organization that prioritizes the well-being and growth of its employees, making it highly appealing to young workers.


Seeing this, we’re starting to envy people working in these companies. But let’s step outside the top 5 and take a look at a representative from a Japanese company ranked 7th, Toyota Motor. It’s still one of the top choices for young people interested in working in the automotive industry.

  • Toyota Motor has methods of working that can quickly push employees to become more competent!
  • They provide opportunities for employees to express their opinions and propose new ideas constantly.
  • They support language learning expenses and master’s degree tuition.
  • They offer higher bonuses compared to other companies.

Toyota Motor is therefore suitable as the “first workplace” for young people who want to develop themselves with an organization that has standardized work plans, a global reputation, and comprehensive benefits covering both employees and their families.

Source : Workventure


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