Corporate Management

Maintaining New Generation Employees within the Organization

In today’s workplaces, each organization has employees of diverse ages due to the Generation Gap. Each individual’s expectations of the organization vary depending on their age group. This is particularly true for new generation employees who play a significant role and are a driving force within the organization. According to reports from JobDB, new generation employees prioritize salary and benefits as their top priority. This is followed by the work environment, having work that aligns with their aspirations, and finally, having work-life balance and policies such as hybrid or WFH (Work From Home).

Understanding the needs of each generation, particularly Gen Z and Gen Y, is essential for organizations to effectively manage and retain their new generation employees. These generations are in a stage of seeking and establishing stability for themselves, so it’s not surprising to see frequent job changes within a short period. This could be due to reasons such as the desire for personal growth, seeking the right job fit or a more suitable work environment, or toxic workplace avoidance.

For leaders and organizations in managing and retaining new generation employees:

  1. Create “good jobs” that meet employees’ needs by promoting recognition to make employees feel valued, promoting skills development and advancement opportunities, and fostering communication and feedback within the team to build good relationships within the organization.
  2. Communicate clearly about career progression by establishing guidelines or standards for performance evaluations, position changes, and other changes. This should be done transparently and openly to solicit feedback from all employees.
  3. Create a positive impression from day one of employment by providing a good onboarding experience, such as preparing a well-equipped workspace with a welcome note on the desk and providing a Welcome Gift Set.
  4. Provide mentors to employees who provide information and connect new employees with the organization’s work.
  5. Respect employees’ personal time by not interrupting their private time or contacting them about work outside of work hours. Remember that new generation employees value well-being.
  6. Create a good work environment, including a culture where new generation employees can ask questions and express their opinions. Foster an atmosphere of respect and dignity for everyone, respecting diversity and accepting differences within the organization.


Working together in an organization comes from the unity of a diverse group of people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or age group, and making this diverse group come together, have the same ideas, and practices towards the same goal and success of the organization. Understanding and communicating clear expectations, values, and strong organizational culture, implementing policies and strategies that promote employee well-being, and recognizing that the new generation is becoming increasingly important in the organization now and in the near future will help organizations retain their core strength.


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