5 Ways to Find Excellent Talent

When hiring for several positions, have you wondered where you can look for applicants? And from which channel you can find talent and what are the benefits and limitations of using each channel? Here are the 5 key channels for recruiting talent:


  1. Social Media 
  2. Online Job Boards
  3. Job Fairs
  4. Referrals
  5. Corporate Websites


By leveraging these channels, companies can find the right people and make hiring easier! 

1. Social Media

  • According to research, Thai people spend up to 2.5 hours per day on social media. 
  • The largest user group is aged 25-34, which is the working age group. With over 49.10 million users (38.3% of the population)
  • Facebook is the platform that Thais use the most, followed by Line and TikTok.


Therefore, it’s one of the platforms where HR can find employees, with lower costs than other channels. Moreover, it allows targeted communication to specific groups, such as engineers or Japanese-speaking job seekers. However, each social media platform has its own user demographics. For example, LinkedIn mainly targets mid- to high-level job markets. Therefore, it’s crucial for companies to choose platforms that best match their target audience.

2. Online Job Boards

Online job boards like Jobsdb, Jobtopgun, Jobthai, or Jobbkk remain the primary channels for job hunting in Thailand. They are trusted, user-friendly platforms where companies post job openings and candidates submit resumes. This allows direct access to the target audience and enables filtering of desired candidates. However, each online job board specializes in different markets, so companies need to choose the most suitable website for their target audience and job positions.

3. Job Fairs

Job fairs are events where companies and job seekers meet. Examples include Japan Job Fair (targeting Japanese companies) or university job fairs where companies recruit fresh graduates. Job fairs provide opportunities for companies to interact directly with candidates and promote their brand. However, they can be costly, especially large annual job fairs.

4. Referrals

Referrals are a cost-effective and trustworthy way to recruit. Referred candidates often have relevant experience. Companies may offer incentives for successful referrals, such as special rewards. However, transparency in hiring is essential, such as ensuring fairness in the selection process.

5. Corporate Websites

Company websites serve as a passive recruitment channel, where candidates approach the company directly. These candidates are already interested in the company, increasing the chance of finding high-quality employees. Companies should prioritize creating informative and attractive websites to attract candidates. However, relying solely on corporate websites may not reach a wide audience and may not be suitable for new businesses.


Source :Blogone

In addition to the five main channels for finding applicants, there is another avenue where you can encounter high-quality candidates who match your company’s needs: using recruitment services. These services are widely available in Thailand.

The advantage is that you can find candidates directly tailored to your company’s requirements, saving time in the recruitment process. If you are looking for personnel, don’t forget to contact the Personnel Consultant.


Personnel Consultant , Japanese recruitment agency company in Bangkok. Recruitment services has been in the business of recruiting Thai and Japanese talent for about 30 years.

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