Hospitality Business : Raising Wages to 400 Baht, Setting the Standard in 10 Tourist Provinces


Hospitality Business: Raising Wages to 400 Baht, Setting the Standard in 10 Tourist Provinces


The Minimum Wage Committee, set at its meeting No. 3/2567, has resolved to establish minimum wage rates for hotel industry businesses to be used for employers and employees working in hotel businesses rated 4 stars and above, with at least 50 employees. The minimum wage rate is set at 400 baht per day, effective from April 13, 2567, applied in the following provinces:

1) Bangkok  (specifically in the Pathum Wan and Wattana districts.)

2) Krabi Province ( specifically in the Ao Nang sub-district.)

3) Chonburi Province  (specifically in the Pattaya City district.)

4) Chiang Mai Province  (specifically in the Chiang Mai Municipality.)

5) Prachuap Khiri Khan Province (specifically in the Hua Hin Municipality)

6) Phang Nga Province  (specifically in the Khuek Khak sub-district.)

7) Phuket Province. (All area)

8) Rayong Province  (specifically in the Ban Phe sub-district.)

9) Songkhla Province  (specifically in the Hat Yai Municipality.)

10) Surat Thani Province  (specifically in the Ko Samui district.)


The reason for this wage increase is due to the continuous recovery of the tourism sector, which is crucial to the overall economy of the country. The hotel industry has been expanding and experiencing continuous growth, and these 10 provinces are areas with significant income from tourism. Increasing the minimum wage aims to drive the economy in the tourism industry.


Source:  Ministry of Labour


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