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The benefits of leading companies that attract new generation employees


In the current era, company benefits are highly valued by employees. HR departments in many companies often use “company benefits” as a key strategy to motivate new generations to join. They may outline the details of benefits that meet their needs from job postings or on job application bulletin boards.

Many companies compete to attract employees by providing unique benefits to enhance motivation and create a workplace culture that attracts talented individuals and makes the office a desirable place to work. Surveys by various consulting firms such as Willis Towers Watson show that 78% of employees are more likely to stay with a company if its benefits are satisfactory, especially among younger generations. Good company benefits that meet their needs and lifestyles are the top factors that make them want to work for a company.

However, the benefits they seek are not just the basic benefits that HR departments of many companies are familiar with. The benefits they are looking for include:

Examples of welfare benefits provided by leading companies that attract new generation employees

Google offers incredibly unique benefits that are unlike any other, such as employee shuttle services from residential areas with workplace amenities and meeting facilities, free meals thrice a day, as well as company doctors, hair stylists, nap rooms, and high-tech workstations/ desks.

SCG Flexible Benefits allow employees to allocate welfare budgets according to their own needs. For instance, Gen Z employees passionate about traveling can allocate funds from health-related benefits to support travel-related benefits. Additionally, the Health Care & Health Club benefit allows employees to use company-provided facilities, including a fitness center that caters well to the needs of the younger generation. Moreover, there’s an education fund for taking courses at top 10 global universities annually.

Agoda offers extreme flexibility in work arrangements, allowing employees to work from home three days a week, any location for 30 days a year, and provides up to 15 days of starting annual leave, along with various discounts on accommodations when staying at partner hotels.

Unilever Thailand implements flexible work models with a 2-2-1 working model, which includes 2 days at the office, 2 days at any location, and 1 day for communication, meetings, and learning. Additionally, there are relaxation areas available for employees to unwind whenever needed, including cafés and gyms.

SC Asset attracts attention from younger generations with unique benefits such as Workcation, offering employees the opportunity to work remotely anywhere in the world for up to 10 days. The Flexi-Benefits program allows employees to allocate a budget of 10,000 baht annually to cater to their preferred lifestyles.

Sansiri offers fitness benefits with a personal trainer and world-class equipment available for use anytime. Additionally, there’s a physical therapist stationed in the office to take care of employees, allowing them to stay away from office syndrome. Special leave days are provided for taking care of family members, LGBTQ+ wedding leave, pet bereavement leave, mental health care benefits, and the option to bring pets to work.

Bitkub  cool benefits include gender transformation surgery leave, compassionate leave for personal loss, and the opportunity for employees to bring their pets to work. Moreover, there are coffee chats that allow employees to have direct conversations with management, along with Bitkub Mental Clinic support for employees’ mental health.

Netflix has exceptional benefits that many organizations use as a model, particularly their unlimited leave policy.

Krung Thai provides modern co-working spaces with state-of-the-art decorations and equipment, special housing and car loan interest rates.

Workpoint  has compensation in company shares , making employees feel part of the company’s growth.

Unicharm highlights Scrum Dinner as a welfare, supporting team expenses for socializing activities, and boosting relationships among employees.

IKEA provides birthday cards with a 15% discount for employees decorating their homes. Another interesting benefit is receiving a 13th-month salary for working 12 months.

LINE MAN Wongnai offers flexible hourly work, a Weflex program to reimburse expenses for lifestyle-related activities, free lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, free coffee from a barista daily, and free alcoholic beverages after 5 pm. Employees can work from home and are provided with MacBook computers.

Sri Chand with benefits such as extending maternity leave to 180 days with pay, 30 days of paternity leave, 30 days of gender transformation surgery leave per year, 10 days of compassionate leave, a free book purchase every month, free company products every month, free fitness, Tuesday Donut activities, mental health support from the Mental Clinic, and a maximum referral bonus of 15,000 baht.

These examples of company benefits are quite impressive. Notably, many companies are incorporating work-life balance and flexible work arrangements to attract talented individuals and new generations. These benefits are tailored to meet their needs effectively.

The information on welfare benefits that organizations use to attract new generations is hoped to be beneficial and serve as a guideline for companies to apply in employee management. It helps to create an environment conducive to the organization’s better performance, as well as demonstrates care for employees, especially in an era where employee benefits influence job decisions significantly. Therefore, welfare benefits are a matter that HR departments and managers must prioritize and learn about benefits trends that interest the new generation, as they can help attract people to join and contribute to retaining employees within the organization.

Source : https://www.workventure.com/top50-companies-2024


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