Why job postings aren’t effective the candidates? : What can do about it?

Currently, in the job market competition, it’s not just job seekers who feel that finding a job is difficult, but organizations themselves also face challenges in finding people. Even though job postings have been up for a while, they still receive few applications, making it difficult to find employees. This could undoubtedly stem from job postings that fail to attract the interest of applicants. Resumes that come in may be few, and they may not be suitable. This problem can arise from several causes, such as

1. Incomplete information on job postings

A good job posting is one that provides complete and clear information that applicants can easily understand. This includes basic information about the company and how to apply, but more importantly, it includes job-related information such as responsibilities, qualifications, work hours, salary, and benefits. If the qualifications specified in the posting are too narrow, it limits the pool of suitable applicants. Consider broadening some qualifications to attract more candidates.

In addition to completeness, clarity is also crucial. For example, specifying responsibilities as “Other duties as assigned” might lead applicants to believe that the job involves tasks outside the stated responsibilities, making them think the company operates in a haphazard manner. Therefore, organizations should avoid vague job descriptions.

On the contrary, providing too much information can also deter job seekers from applying. Therefore, it’s essential to strike a balance in providing sufficient but not overwhelming details in job postings.

2.The job posting channels don't match the target audience

Because job postings can be done through various channels, each channel has its own advantages, disadvantages, and target groups. Therefore, if our company is not receiving enough or any applications, it may be because we are not advertising the job in channels where suitable candidates for that position would see it. Hence, it’s advisable to post job advertisements on various platforms such as job search websites, the company’s website, or social media.

Furthermore, the communication channels used for publicity are crucial. Diversifying these channels increases the chances of reaching more candidates, but it’s essential to choose channels that are relevant to the target audience. For example, Facebook Groups, Line Open Chats, etc. Also, remember to provide accurate contact information for follow-up.

3. Job duties don't match the job title

Job titles are crucial keywords that job seekers use to search for open positions. If they read the job description and find that the job details don’t match the job title, or if the job title is too generic but the job entails multiple responsibilities from different positions, it can be discouraging. For example, a position titled “Japanese Language Interpreter” but requires duties such as secretarial work, procurement, and general administration might not attract suitable candidates. Therefore, organizations should pay attention to accurately defining the responsibilities of each position because job details are the primary factor that job seekers consider when applying for a job.

Additionally, it’s recommended to use job titles that are easy to understand and widely recognized in job searches.

4. Inadequate compensation

Compensation is a significant factor in job hunting, especially in today’s era where people seek jobs that provide sufficient compensation for their lifestyles. If there are no applicants or very few, it could be because we’re offering a salary for the position that is lower than it should be. Even though each organization has its salary structure, it’s essential to ensure that the salary range we set is competitive and aligned with the labor market. We can also compare our job postings with those of other companies to see how much they are offering for similar positions.

5. Using informal language and traditional job postings

Using overly informal language in job postings to create a relaxed and accessible organizational image can backfire and make the organization appear unprofessional rather than inviting. Therefore, job postings should use appropriate language that effectively communicates with potential candidates for each position. For example, instead of saying “We’re looking for someone with fire in their belly,” it’s better to use positive language like “We’re seeking individuals who are passionate and dedicated to their work.”

It’s worth noting that phrases like “We’re a laid-back company, like a family/siblings” might be classic, but it’s better not to include them in job postings because recipients might interpret it as a lack of organizational structure.

Additional tip: Consider designing different job postings for each position to attract and engage candidates from different age groups.

6. Benefits that are not attractive to job seekers

Welfare benefits are another crucial aspect that job seekers consider apart from salary. In today’s highly competitive job market, companies need to enhance their welfare benefits to attract candidates. If organization offers only standard welfare benefits, it might not stand out. It’s recommended that companies think of and design more appealing welfare benefits to attract job seekers. Examples of trending work trends and welfare benefits that job seekers are interested in include work from home options, mental health benefits, and office amenities. **   Employee benefit trend2024

Additionally, it’s not necessary to include basic social security benefits, traditional holidays, or legally mandated leave days because they are already provided by law. If included, they should be presented in a way that makes them sound particularly attractive.

Tips for making job postings more appealing

  1. Review your job postings: Ensure that qualifications, salary, benefits, and job descriptions are accurate, engaging, and relevant.
  2. Broaden qualifications if they are too narrow, limiting the pool of suitable candidates.
  3. Post job advertisements on appropriate channels: Use job search websites, company websites, social media, and relevant professional groups.
  4. Promote your company: Build a positive company image on your website, social media accounts, and online reviews. Emphasize the company’s unique strengths, culture, and growth opportunities.
  5. Offer competitive salary and benefits: Provide attractive salary and benefits to attract qualified candidates.
  6. Simplify the application process: Make the application process easy and accessible, allowing candidates to apply directly from their mobile devices.

By implementing these strategies, organizations can make their job postings more attractive and increase their chances of attracting qualified candidates.


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