After moving into Office23, we were surprised by its user-friendliness.


After moving into Office23, we were surprised by its user-friendliness.

TalentEx(Thailand) Co., Ltd.

What is the circumstances that led you to use our services?

We are registered and occupying a rental office at ‘Office23’. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to downsize our office space, and the coworking space where we were initially located also closed down. When I contacted Representative Mr. Odawara, he promptly arranged a room for us, which was very helpful, thanks to the availability caused by the pandemic. It was truly appreciated to be able to rent a reasonably priced space with good service in Asoke, with Japanese language and Japanese support, while having contracts in both Japanese and Thai, allowing our Thai staff members to handle them as well.

What challenges did you have regarding recruitment (or other services)?

The main reason for downsizing the office was to reduce costs due to the decreased in importance of the office during the pandemic. In order to reduce costs, we had to find a place that was not only affordable but also suitable in terms of room size and location, especially when considering rental offices/coworking spaces and Office23 fit with our needs. Additionally, while we have few staff members working onsite due to people who WFH (work from home), having various sizes of meeting rooms available for occasional all-staff meetings or discussions was very helpful.

Please tell us what you liked about using our services.

After we were in another office, we were encounter inconveniences that we cannot bring own printer (must use designated printing service), and meeting rooms are charged on a time basis. However, after moving into Office23, We were surprised by its user-friendliness. Not only could we bring our own printers, meeting rooms were also available for free use for up to 3 hours per day (at that time), which was a very convenient. Additionally, having individual online meeting rooms separate from the regular meeting rooms was also helpful. They were very flexible in handling postal reception and delivery, including bilingual support in Japanese and Thai, which we greatly appreciated.

What do you expect from our services in the future?

We think our current space is suitable, but as the business expands, if there is a larger, more spacious environment with higher ceilings, where we can also have event spaces similar to other coworking spaces,it would foster a community where more people gather. We are supporting the office to increase connections between people and establish it as an active infrastructure for those who are doing business in Thailand for the first time, as well as those who connect with many small companies and provide services.

Company Information

Company Name

TalentEx(Thailand) Co., Ltd.


2 Jasmine Building, 12th Floor, Soi Prasanmitr (Sukhumvit 23), Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana Bangkok 10110


Yojiro Koshi


November 2013

Business Activities

Japanese Talent Specialized Job Site "WakuWaku", Japanese Online Counseling Service "Mysherpa Thailand", Global Challenger Community "Koshikuro", Thai Business YouTube Channel "Thai Frontline"



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Reception hours
Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Inquiry via web(24 hours)

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