Announcement of the 3rd Thailand Online Karuta Tournament

Personnel Consultant sponsors the 3rd Thailand Online Karuta Tournament.
If interested, please check the details below.

[3rd Thailand Online Karuta Tournament]
Date and time: Saturday, November 4, 2023
◆ Group section/Beginners▸ 8:10-12:30
◆ Individual section (divided into beginner and experienced sections) ▸ 14:00-17:30
*Participation is free of charge, and is open to Thai nationals and Japanese living in Thailand.
*Team and individual matches will be mixed together with Thai and Japanese people.
Also, you need to download the app “Karuta ONLINE” in advance.
➤ Application for group section: https://forms.gle/ibDGjH2papVZ2Y5s6
・Even those who have no experience with karuta are welcome.
・You don’t have to memorize the cards (can be set to display characters called “Kimariji” in Japanese)
・Please participate with a team of 3 people.
➤ Apply for the individual section: https://forms.gle/Cnc1CfkRyC2TAEbu5
・Those who have some knowledge of the rules of Karuta or how to play Karuta ONLINE.
・You don’t have to memorize the bills (can be set to display characters called “Kimariji” in Japanese) *Beginner’s section only
[Contact information]
Facebook: Krungthep Karuta Club (クルンテープかるた会)
E-mail: krungthep.karuta@gmail.com
Instagram: @krungthep_karuta
Twitter: @krungthepkaruta

For inquiry

Inquiry by phone(Japanese)

Reception hours
Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Inquiry via web(24 hours)

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