The people introduced by the Personnel have now become core members of the company.


The people introduced by the Personnel have now become core members of the company.


What is the circumstances that led you to use our services?

We have entrusted Personnel Consultant with our recruitment needs due to their wealth of experience and proven success in Thailand. As a result, we have engaged their assistance in our recruitment process. Your company has been instrumental in supporting us when we recruit staff for opening new stores. additionally, amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to rent a space to sell obento, thanks to your assistance. Our relationship with your company goes beyond mere convenience; we have developed a profound trust in your ongoing support , and we look forward to maintaining this connection for many years to come.

What challenges did you have regarding recruitment (or other services)?

When we hire candidates, they often exhibit a willingness to learn new things and adapt proactively to their roles to become accustomed to the job. However, as they progress into mid-level positions, maintaining the motivation to learn and grow in alignment with the company’s objectives become increasingly challenging. Therefore, we consistently strive to identify individual capabilities and provide opportunities for advancement In addition, in a service industry environment, we have organized human resources as executives who play the role of connecting stores and headquarters so that the customer’s perspective and the company’s vision overlap.

Please tell us what you liked about using our services.

The people introduced by the Personnel have now become core members of the company.
Although he transferred from another industry, I think his personality and way of thinking are a good fit for our company.

We tend to hire people based on their age and experience, as we tend to hire people who have been promoted to the workplace, but our approach to “human resources” has broadened significantly, allowing us to judge from an objective perspective based on the history and personality of the person we introduce.

It’s a valuable opportunity to meet people we wouldn’t meet at a store or in the food and beverage community.

What do you expect from our services in the future?

We would like your continue support in recruitment. We aim to create an internal environment where individuals introduced by your company can shine and contribute to enhancing our company’s value!

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48 Soi Pipat,Silom,Bangrak,Bangkok 10500(store and office attached)


Yanamoto Takao



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Sathorn soi8.Sukhumvit soi 61.Thonglor soi 11.Bambini Villa.Siam Takashimaya.Donki Thonglor

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Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

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