Your staff was very attentive and provided valuable advice, which greatly reassured us.


Your staff was very attentive and provided valuable advice, which greatly reassured us.

Asian Documentaries Corporation

What is the circumstances that led you to use our services?

We purchase documentary films with Asian themes from all over the world and distribute them on the internet for a fee. The company was very small, with two executives and no employees before. When our company was recruiting full-time employees for the first time, we wanted to hire “global human resources from Asia,” so we used your company’s services to search for excellent human resources from Thailand which is a pro-Japanese country. At first, we consulted with you as a trial, but we were surprised by how talented the candidates were, which was the deciding factor in my decision to use the service.

What challenges did you have regarding recruitment (or other services)?

In our company, we engage in frequent negotiations and communications with international firms, particularly in the procurement of works. Consequently, we prioritize candidates with robust language and communication skills. Despite the small scale of our company, we engage not only in distribution but also in the planning and production of content. This necessitates the ability for each individual to simultaneously handle various tasks across different genres, requiring initiative and proactiveness. Furthermore, as we deal with documentaries from diverse countries, there is a need of an interest and undertsnading of different cultures as well as cultral knowledge and crucial. For a our small scale business, hiring mismatches can have a devastating impact on the company so we had to conduct our recruitment carefully and invest time in the process.

Please tell us what you liked about using our services.

Ms. Kobayashi, who was in charge of our company, was very attentive and provided valuable advice, which greatly reassured us. She took the time to thoroughly understand our company’s thoughts and concerns, and then gathered excellent candidates who were well-suited to our organization. We are grateful for her meticulous support throughout the recruitment process. Additionally, we appreciated the strong communication between your company and the candidates, which conveyed a sense of trust and reliability. Although we faced considerable deliberation in making hiring decisions, the abundance of highly qualified candidates was a fantastic experience.

What do you expect from our services in the future?

Your company’s meticulous approach to introducing talent has exceeded our expectations, and we would like to express our renewed respect for undertaking such business in Thailand. The individuals introduced to us by your company have all put in tremendous effort to learn Japanese and have a deep understanding of Japanese culture. We feel a profound sense of gratitude and respect for each of them as individuals of Japanese descent. It reaffirms our strong belief that Japan’s future lies in joining hands with people from across Asia. With the recruitment of Thai employees in our company, we aim to deepen our relationship with Thailand in the future. We sincerely hope for your continued support in fostering better talent exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and Thailand.

Company Information

Company Name

Asian Documentaries Corporation


Orient Akasaka Morside Building 805, 1-1-7 Moyoakasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo


Satoshi Banno


7 February 2018

Business Activities

Distribution and distribution of documentary films, video production, planning and production of various contents



For inquiry

Inquiry by phone(Japanese)

Reception hours
Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Inquiry via web(24 hours)

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