Thank you very much for helping us.


Thank you very much for helping us.


What is the circumstances that led you to use our services?

Due to the employees retirement, we needed someone urgently, and we met Personnel Consultant through an acquaintance. After that, person in charge dial us and asked for the candidates we want. 1-2 days after, the company introduced 5 people in total and a week after the interview, we interviewed them and decided to hire them. Even now, those employees are doing their best in their work.

What challenges did you have regarding recruitment (or other services)?

We manufacture mold parts overseas and sell them in Thailand, but first of all, we make sure that the work runs smoothly, and we hold regular study sessions to learn about the work, including information on the industry.

Currently, they have responsible for the day-to-day operations as a key member of the sales team.

Please tell us what you liked about using our services.

After our first phone call, he immediately came to our office, listened to our story in detail, and introduced us to the right person, so we were able to hire someone in about a week. Thank you very much for helping us.

What do you expect from our services in the future?

We would appreciate it if you introduce people quickky and help us with the hiring process same as now.

Company Information

Company Name



Kazuaki Miyama


18 January 2021

Business Activities

Sales mold parts

For inquiry

Inquiry by phone(Japanese)

Reception hours
Weekdays 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Inquiry via web(24 hours)

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